I started working for Grid VFX back in 2016 on KNACK 2 (for Sony Entertainment). My job as a junior lighter was to do the lighting for the cinematics inbetween the gameplay, aswell as create various vfx effects.
I then went on to work for Little Luke and Lucy (Suske en Wiske Junior), where my job for the first season was to do lighting based on a number of templates. During the months that I worked on Season 1 I worked closely with my supervisor, Aaron D'Haene to make optimize the pipeline and make the workflow as effeciently as possible. I also trained a couple of artist, who later joined our lighting team.
After Luke and Lucy I worked on both Marnie's and Fables (de Fabeltjeskrant), here I got to do lighting based on keyshots, under the supervision of Pablo Morral who taught me "everything" he knows.
Then I went back to Little Luke and Lucy to work on Season 2, where I got even more responsibility because I got to design the lightingtemplates for a couple of sets and adjusted the project to a new pipeline.
My last project for Grid VFX was Latte and the Magic Waterstone, where I was promoted to mid-lighter, and I got to design a few lighting sets.

Underneath you can find the trailers of all these projects.