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New Resulotions…

I have been working on a few projects as of late… And I think it’s about time that I show you some snippets of what I’ve been doing.

Based on a concept of Emilie Stabéll, I’ve been modeling this seahouse and I will be putting it in a more atmospheric scene in Unreal any time now. But this is just a quick render from 3Ds Max.


This next seen is also based on a concept, but I’v seem to have misplaced it and now I can’t find it :( Anyways, I’ll also be putting this in Unreal for some proper ambience. This is literaly just a screengrab from 3Ds Max.


And the last one is  based on 3D-concept that I really liked (only later did I found out it was actually 3D), by the amazing Alexandr Pushai. I might make more of his (eventhough it’s already 3D), because this was a lovely excercise in modeling and my favorite: hand-painting :).


I’ve been using other peoples concpepts because it gives me the oppertunity to quickly model and texture stuff. I hope in the future I can do more of my own concept 3D, but for now I just want to practise, practise, practise.

Hope I can update you more soon 😀

First post ever :)

Starting your own website/ portfolio can be a bit exciting, to say the least. And truthfully I’m a bit nervous sending my art into the world. I’v started getting some positive feedback, so now seemed like a good time to finally do this. Now all that is left is actually getting my stuff noticed and liked.

Anyways, this will be a new experience for me and I hope to update as much as possible.

The site isn’t perfect yet, but I’m happy with what I can already show to people, even if there are a few dead links.